Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

Myth of Marriage between Sundanese and Javanese

A prohibition of marriage between Sundanese and Javanese is still heard up to the present. Why such a prohibition happens in our community? It is said that the marriage age between Sundanese and Javanese will not last very long. The reason is that when there is a marriage between Sundanese and Javanese, a disaster may happen. For instance, one of the couple will die. Another reason is that Javanese culture is older than Sundanese. So, a Sundanese man can not marry a Javanese woman. There is also another point of view, the characteristic of Sundanese differ widely from a Javane. The Sundanese are known for their extravagant way of life while the Javanese characterized by their low profile, acceptable and willing to work hard. The belief or myth is still used by some of our community. The origin of the myth may be traced back to or related to the story of Bubat War which is known as Kidung Sindanglaya by the Sundanese.

Long ago when the Chief Minister of Majapahit Kingdom named Gajah Mada took the oath to unite kingdoms in Indonesian archipelago. His oath was known as Palapa Oath. He succeeded to unite the kingdoms but there was a kingdom which was not united yet, that was KingdomKahuripan (Land of Pasundan).. Even Majapahit Kingdom was famous and had reach prosperity with Gajah Mada as the chief minister, King of Majapahit, Hayam Wuruk had not get a first wife (consort of king). It was said that Hayam Wuruk fell in love with a Sundanese Princess, Dyah Pitaloka Citrasemi. Anepaken, a high ranking court servant of Majapahit Kingdom was sent to meet Dyah Pitaloka Citrasemi and his father, King of Pasundan. They agreed to talk the matter. Dyah Pitaloka Citrasemi and his father soon go to Majapahit Kingdom.On their way to Majapahit, the father of Dyah Pitaloka Citrasemi caught a bad sign, but he and his group continued to take the trip. At last, the group of Sunda Kingdom reached a village, called Bubat and was received by Gajah mada group. But, when the group of Sunda Kingdom met Majapahit, there was a misunderstanding. King of Pasundan had an opinion that his daughter would marry the King of Majapahit, but Gajah mada had an opinion that King of Pasundan deliberately gave his daughter as gift for political reason. The misunderstanding caused war between the two groups. King of Pasundan was killed in the war. Dyah Pitaloka Citrasemi, seeing her father was killed became sorrow and she ended her life. King Hayam Wuruk, was deeply in love with Dyah Pitaloka and he died a few years later without having first wife.

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