Jumat, 16 Mei 2008

Kian Santang, Sundanese myth

Kian Santang was a son of King Siliwangi, a Kingdom in West Java. He had a supernatural power so he could not be defeated by anyone. It was said that he looked for a rival who could wound him so he could see his own blood. He was advised to meditate in Ujung Kulon to get an answer. In his meditation he heard a voice that he should go to the west direction. He made a journey to the west and arrived in Arabia land. There, he met an old man whom he later knew him as His majesty Ali, the follower of the Prophet Muhammad. The old man was willing to confront Kian Santang with whom he was looking for all this time.

On their way, the old man asked Kian Santang to take his walking stick which was accidentally left behind. Kian Santang went to fetch the stick, which was planted in the sand, but the stick could not be lifted up, though he had used all his power. The old man came to his side, and he easily took the stick out. Kian Santang was aware that the old man was the follower of a man whom he was looking for, the prophet Muhammad. He recognized that the old man was very strong and robust. Then, he thought that the man he was looking for might be more powerful than the old man. Kian Santang acknowledged the superiority of the old man. He asked God for forgiveness and became a Moslem. Then, he was back to his country and taught Islam to his people. Kian Santang got Islamic teaching from the prophet himself, and he also participated in erecting one of the mosque’s pole in Mecca.

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