Selasa, 27 November 2007

Story of Copper Marsh

Located in Bekasi regency on the eastern side of Jakarta.
Copper Marsh (local name: Rawa Tembaga) was very large and well known with its myths. A railway was constructed over the marsh. When we were on our travel from Krawang regency to Jatinegara, we would cross the marsh with its clear water. Lotus plants growing here and there added to the beauty of the scene. On early evening, the sun set just in the end of Copper Marsh, reflecting the early evening sun light coloring red copper. The scenery was enchanting for the tourists traveling above the Copper Marsh. The name of Copper Marsh came from the myth: a big ship carrying an abundance of copper. The ship wrecked and went into the bottom of the marsh. Then, people tried to search for the copper from the ship. When they found strips of copper and tried pulling out them, the strips was never broken off. Last, they did not dare to take out the copper from the marsh.
Another myth: The large area of Copper Marsh was occupied by supernatural creatures. The creature was not higher than an elder man’s upper thigh. The creature was like a small child with its bald head, bloated stomach, small and thin legs and hands.

Copper Marsh is now only a name for place, a sweet memory for the elder people of the past. The area has now changed into housing estate, a sport building, and other buildings.

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